To be the First-class Tin Can Maker!

Different performance tin cans are used in different industries

Tin cans are used widely in our daily lives. At the same time, the various shapes and colors dazzle us.Tin cans are used according to different performance parameters. Tin cans play an important role in various industries by virtue of their excellent printing performance and metal texture retention performance.

As food cans, tin can ensure the sanitation of food, minimize the possibility of corruption, prevent health risks effectively and meet the needs of modern people for convenient and fast food.

As beverage cans, tin cans not only can be used to fill juice, coffee, tea and sports drinks, but also can be filled with beverages such as cola, soda, and beer. The high degree of workability of tinplate cans makes the changes of can types diversified, no matter tall, short, large, small, square or round, it can meet the diverse needs of today’s beverage packaging and consumer preferences.

As chemical tank, the tin can is strong, protective, non-deformable, shock-resistant and fire-resistant. It is the best packaging material for chemicals.

Tin cans can be made into spray and other miscellaneous cans. Tin cans can withstand high temperature and pressure, they are especially suitable for spray cans filled with high pressure.

Tin cans can be as grease tank.Light can trigger and accelerate the oxidation reaction of oils, reduce the nutritional value, and may also produce harmful substances. More seriously, it destroys oily vitamins, especially vitamins D and A.The opacity of tin cans and the insulating effect of air-sealing are the best choice for packaging oily foods.

Post time: Jul-29-2020