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How to deal with the pollution of the tin can?

Usually, the tin cans are not kept in places below minus 15°C for a long time. You can choose to put tin cans on display racks as exhibits, or use them in daily life.

Since the tin can is not plated on any material, the trouble of the surface layer falling off is eliminated.The original luster of the tin can can be maintained with simple maintenance.

1. Clean it with water or neutral detergent, and then dry it with a soft dry cloth along the lines.

2. The tin can should avoid contact with oil stains as much as possible. If it is  stained with some difficult-to-remove dirt accidentally, do not use hard objects to scrape it. You can put cigarette dust on the dirt and wipe it with a cotton cloth to remove the dirt. It can be wiped with pure cotton cloth dipped in polishing paste.

3. The tin can with matte surface can be cleaned with warm soapy water. While the smooth tin utensils can maintain a long-lasting bright luster after being wiped with high-quality silver washing water.

4. If you live by the sea, please often use a damp cloth to wipe white tin crafts, because the salt in the air will darken the luster.

5. After cleaning, be sure to rinse thoroughly and wipe dry in time, because residual detergent and water droplets will damage the surface gloss of the tin.

6. Tin has a low melting point , so it should not be placed on the fire for a long time.

Post time: Jul-27-2020