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Tin Case

Tin is one of the oldest metals used by humans.Even large amounts of metal tin are non-toxic.

The toxicity of simple tin compounds and tin salts is quite low.However, the toxicity of some organic tin compounds is very high. Especially trihydrocarbyl compounds of tin are used as lacquers for ships to kill microorganisms and shells attached to the ships.These compounds are designed to destroy sulfur-containing proteins.

Metal tin can also be made into tin tubes and tin foil, which is used in the food industry to ensure clean and non-toxic, such as tin foil for packaging candy and cigarettes. It is both moisture-proof and beautiful. It can resist both corrosion and poison.

The chemical nature of tin is very stable, it does not react with water, various acids and alkalis.

At present, tin is not only used widely in the food industry, such as the canning industry, but also in many sectors of military industry, instrumentation, electrical appliances and light industry.

Tin can be made into a variety of products. The tin case can have various surface treatment processes.

Post time: May-19-2020