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What is the size of the cigarette case

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Cigarette boxes refer to boxes containing cigarettes. Cigarette box sizes are generally the size common to everyone, and there are many types of cigarette box materials. Usually, paper disposable cigarette boxes are commonly used in the market. As the form changes, it is also very popular in the market. A metal cigarette case. This cigarette case is not only packed with 24 cigarettes, it can be doubled or attached with a place for placing lighters and matches. It has a creative personality. There are many types of cigarette cases according to their materials, including bamboo Cigarette case, iron case, copper case, silver case, horn case.

Cigarette case introduction
Cigarette box refers to the box containing cigarettes, usually paper disposable cigarette boxes are commonly used. With the change of form, a metal cigarette case is also very popular on the market now. This kind of cigarette case is not only packed with 24 cigarettes, but also can be doubled or attached with a place for placing lighters and matches. It has creative personality.
Cigarette case size
Domestic cigarette pack hard packs are divided into two universal ones:
GDX Model GDX-1: 86mm high, 54.86mm wide, 22.45 thick
GDX-2 height 86.45mm X width 54.4mm X 22.5 thick
GDX box height 88.48mmX width 280.46mmX 48mm thick
Soft bag height 83mm X 52.3mm wide X 20.7mm thick
Soft bag hardening height 84 X width 52mm X thickness 19.3mm
With different types of cigarette packers, the length of cigarettes is different. Even the same type of equipment, because of the thickness of the jammed paper, there will still be some slight dimensional errors after commissioning. There are also some special cigarette packers, such as wide boxes, rounded corners, 16 sticks, octagonal 20 fine sticks (98mmX 40.3mm), etc., which need to be packed on the machine to determine the standard finished die cutting size.

What are the materials of the cigarette case
In general, tobacco or shreds are mostly filled with tobacco purses. In addition, there are also cigarette cases made of various materials.
Bamboo cigarette case
Generally, the materials are collected on the spot, about 1 inch high and 5 cm in diameter.
Iron cigarette case
There are many types of iron cigarette cases (cigarette boxes packaged by cigarette manufacturers are not included in this list), but special iron cigarette cases are rare. The folk often reconstituted round or square thin iron boxes containing Chinese and Western medicine pills, and then packed tobacco leaves or shredded tobacco.
Copper cigarette case
There are many such cigarette cases, and the common ones are yellow, red, white, and blue: red copper is exactly like red gold, brass is just like gold, bronze is like jasper, and white copper is close to silver. They come in different shapes and are durable.
Silver cigarette case
Silver cigarette cases are generally made by skilled artisans, and they have beautiful patterns, such as lion rolling hydrangea, Erlong play beads, and water play. There are also those who are adorned with auspicious words, such as “safe and precious”, “harmony is precious”, “shou shou zeng zeng”, “children and grand churches”, “smoke disappears”.
Horny cigarette case
The horns are about 7.5 centimeters long, and there are many copper hoops along the mouth. There are often two lightly carved white copper bats attached to the sides of the box belly. In ancient times, smokers often wore rhino horn-shaped or gossip-shaped horny cigarette cases to hang on their bodies, hoping for good luck.

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