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Why more and more people use tin boxes ?

We always use varieties tin box for packing in our life. Someone thought the tinplate cost so much, why we don’t use some plastic bag or glassy jar for instead? Let’s learn some information of food packaging and environmental protection as following.


First, we all knew it is easier to be white pollution when the plastic bag throw away after used. They have been buried in the mud and would not degradation after thousands years, moreover, it will release some poisonous gas, pollute the air and endanger human physical and mental health. Moreover, the plastic packaging will deform easily during transportation, then the content can not keep safe. Thus, many company will not choose to use plastic bag for packaging.


Secondly, we knew the glassy packaging will be broken easily when clash, the broken glassy pieces will easily hurt someone. Not to say when transportation, it hardly not avoid to clash. To reduce those unnecessary lost, customer will choose it less.


Mention to the paper packaging, we always think about tree, all paper is made of wood. If use lots of paper products, cutting trees and destroy forest violently, we must be punished by nature. Moreover, the paper products will be covered a layer of wax which like coated on inside instant noodles cup if use those paper packaging for food. There was news reported that a child was found a thick wax on his stomach because of he had instant noodles for a very long time. That was horrible. In addition, the sealing of paper is very poor, easy to absorb moisture and can not be recycled. Therefore, the future development of paper packaging will not be promising.


Last, The tin boxes have so many advantage that’s why it is so popular in packaging industry. The only disadvantage is it will be rusted after few years. It is not completely avoided. Though the price will be a little bit higher than the above packaging, but it the cost performance is real high. The sealing of tin box is very good, no light go through, can be safely isolated the outside air, moisture and light contact and protect well the content. The most important point is that the tin box can be recycled, conform with international environmental requirements and future product trends. It is resistant to wear, rigid, not easy to break or deform during transportation, reduce unnecessary losses.


Through the above introduction, do we have a further understanding of the tin boxes? 容辰 11_20200803154506 容辰 12_20200803154525 容辰 13_20200803154541 容辰14_20200803154552 容辰15_20200803154602

Post time: Aug-03-2020